2008 997 GT2

This weeks featured car is one of the rarest modern 911s sold in this US. With only 1242 of these 997 GT2s built and a total of only 200 being imported into the United States. This car is a rare bird and comes with the branding of being the modern day "widowmaker" just like the 930 turbo was given in its day. The 997 GT2 was built in only 2008 and a handful carried over to the 2009 model year. The car was powered by a 3.6 liter twin turbo flat six based on the engine from the turbo model, but included revised turbochargers and several other upgrades. These revisions helped to give the car a power output of 523 horsepower which was the most a 911 had ever had until the GT2RS was introduced. The turbos all wheel drive system was swapped in favor of a rear wheel drive setup. Take the massive power output and aggressive boost from the turbochargers and combine it with a rear wheel drive setup you will get a recipe that is guaranteed to be a handful and demand 100 percent of your respect behind the wheel. The only transmission offered was the 6 speed unit from the GT3 with an extremely stiff non power assisted clutch. The stiff clutch partnered with a lightweight flywheel makes for an extremely engaging driving experience that is lacking in the cars of recent years. The car is built with one thing in mind and thats the racetrack. Tons of compromises were made to be sure the car is as light as possible and give you the 'racecar for the road' feel. We had this car in for a pre-purchase inspection for a potential buyer out of state that wanted to be sure the car was as advertised.